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Grease Trap Cleaning Is Vital To a Functional Kitchen

It may not seem obvious, but neglected grease traps can put a restaurant out of business. Rotten grease odor coming from drains can drive away customers and FOG (fat, oil, and grease) fines from the city can quickly pile up if grease traps aren’t properly maintained. Luckily, finding proper grease trap cleaning is as simple as calling Kerkstra. Our skilled and personable technicians will make sure your trap is completely clean and properly dispose of your grease.
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How Often Do I Need Grease Trap Cleaning?

Grease traps in most kitchens require cleaning every one to three months. In many cities, restaurants are legally required to empty their grease traps at least every 90 days. Whether you fall on the more frequent side or need a little less maintenance will depend on how many FOGs (fat, oil, and grease) your kitchen produces and washes down the sink.

Washing greasy pans or plates with food matter without scraping them first will fill up your grease trap quicker, resulting in more frequent need for grease trap cleaning. On the other hand, if you recycle waste cooking oil, dry wipe pots and pans before washing, avoid using garbage disposals and scrape dishes of excess food before washing you can reduce the amount of FOGs entering your grease trap.

The best way to judge how often your grease trap needs to be cleaned is the ¼ rule. When your grease trap is ¼ full with FOGs, it’s time for a cleaning. Once you find out how long this takes you can set up a recurring schedule with Kerkstra’s dependable and skilled technicians and never risk missing a cleaning again.



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