Save $75 by digging the hole to the access lid


Kerkstra Septic provides top-quality septic pumping services in the West Michigan area. Prevent septic field failures with regular septic pumping.

Regular Septic Tank Pumping Prevents Embarrassing Backups

There’s almost nothing worse for a homeowner than a septic field failure. Sewage can back up into the shower or bubble up in the yard creating an odor your neighbors can smell. Fortunately, regular septic tank pumping by a dependable servicer like Kerkstra can easily prevent these issues.

Slowness in your drains, bad smells or gurgling noises can be early indicators of a septic tank failure. It could be that a line is beginning to clog, your drainfield is failing, there is excessive solid buildup in your septic tank, or your lift pump is failing. Diagnosing and treating these issues is difficult and even dangerous work for an amateur—more than one enthusiastic homeowner has been overcome by methane gases attempting to fix their septic system.

It’s best to have any problem checked immediately by a professional to prevent further damage from occurring. Our experienced septic technicians can pump your tank, determine the cause of your problem, and recommend a solution if necessary.

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Save $75 by digging the hole to the access lid

How Often Do I Need Septic Tank Pumping?

The average home needs septic tank pumping every 3 years, but it depends on your tank size and household size. A small septic tank with many users may need cleaning more than once a year, a large tank with few users may go 20 years without cleaning (although we wouldn’t recommend this as other potential issues like grease, tree roots, or septic filter failure can be prevented by routine maintenance.)

If you are unsure about your tank size or date of your last cleaning, call us to schedule an appointment. Our trucks are equipped with an extra long hose to protect your lawn while we vacuum clean your tank. Scheduling good preventative maintenance on your septic system will keep your drainfield and septic tank in good working condition.
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