Professional septic tank inspections by Kerkstra Septic.

Buying a New Home Is A Big Decision. Reduce Your Risk With A Septic Inspection

There’s a reason that most counties and lenders require a septic inspection before closing on the sale of a home. The septic system in a home is one of the least visible parts of the property, and repairs or replacement can comprise a significant portion of a home’s value. A well maintained septic system can be a good selling point, and enhance the value of a home. A compromised septic system can damage the environment and turn into an expensive repair down the road. A proper septic inspection will prepare the home for sale and reassure the buyer that they aren’t purchasing a liability.
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What Are We Looking For?

When you call Kerkstra for a septic inspection, we’ll be looking at a number of things. We’ll look at the location, age, design and size of the septic system. We will check the soundness of the septic tank, and the date of the last pumping. We’ll be judging the soil conditions of the drain field. Additionally, we’ll look at the state of the plumbing fixtures.

It’s important to note that Kerkstra is totally unbiased in all inspections—we have nothing to gain from a system failure or certification. We have a reputation in the West Michigan Area of integrity and excellence that is respected by both the seller and the buyer, and for good reason. Septic tanks are our area of expertise. If we haven’t serviced the septic tank at the home we are inspecting, we have probably serviced the neighbors. That means we know what kind of soils are in the area, where the most common problems are located, and the best way forward if repairs are needed.
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